What is an action, and how do I create one?

An action is the specific task the end-user needs to perform within your application that they previously would have done via USSD. These are services available via USSD, and might include things like:

  • Send money
  • Pay bill
  • Pay merchant
  • Check balance
  • Sports scores
  • Transportation schedules
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) information
  • Etc.

You can create, configure, and manage your actions within your account. Actions enable you to automate any USSD service, through any operator, in any country using our SDK.

You can create a new action within your account under Actions. To create the action, you’ll need:

  • The root code used to initiate the USSD session in the dialer (e.g. *544#)
  • Each step and the expected response of the USSD session to complete the transaction
  • Confirmation message sender ID and body text (optional - only required if you’d like to parse the confirmation message)

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