What do you mean by USSD "steps"?

Steps are the various end user inputs in a USSD session from start to finish. There are four types of steps:

  • Variable: the end user is expected to enter custom text (e.g. amount, phone number, etc)
  • Number: the end user is expected to enter a number from a specific list of options in a menu
  • PIN: the end user is prompted to enter their PIN to access a service, or complete a transaction
  • Select number by text value: Use to select numbered choices that may change position. This can be used in cases where the options may change frequently, for example a list of bundles. This is similar to variable, except that it uses the variable value to select a number from the possible options. You can pass the exact text of the option you are looking for or a regex. The corresponding number of the first option who's text matches will be entered in the session before continuing to the next step.Steps are expected to be entered in the same order the end user must complete them within the USSD session.

For example, a send money action might require the following steps:

  • Number: 3 (the option choice for “send money” within the menu that appears after dialing the root code)
  • Variable: amount
  • Variable: recipient number
  • PIN

Read more about steps in the docs.

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