What is an action, and how do I create one?

An action is the specific task the end-user needs to perform within your application, that they previously would have done via USSD. These are any services available via USSD, and might include things like:

  • Send money
  • Pay bill
  • Pay merchant
  • Check balance
  • Sports scores
  • Transportation schedules
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) information
  • Etc.

You can create, configure, and manage your actions within your account. Actions enable you to automate any action, through any operator, in any country using our SDK.

You can create a new action within your account under Actions. To create the action, you’ll need:

  • The root code used to initiate the USSD session in the dialer (e.g. *544#)
  • Each step and the expected response of the USSD session to complete the transaction
  • Confirmation message sender ID and body text (optional - only required if you’d like to parse the confirmation message)

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